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Management relay

“Strong responsiveness to an exceptional situation”

Urgence managériale

“Une forte réactivité face à une situation exceptionnelle.”

An unforeseen event

You are suddenly exposed to an exceptional situation that reveals a lack of skills or internal availability:

  • Sudden departure of a leader
  • The temporary absence of a key manager in your value chain
  • Vacancy pending recruitment
  • Or the imperative need for accelerated recruitment

The right man for the right mission

Our pool of over 2000 Transition Managers contains the precise profile that fits your need.

With the right technical skills but above all the experience of a journey through the same type of situation and in the same industry or sector. Operational immediately, our managers know how to quickly grasp your issues and to integrate into your environment. Collaborating closely with your general management, they contribute with their leadership to unite the teams, so you can overcome a difficult situation.

Time is key !

  • 24h response
  • We commit ourselves to formalize your problematic within the 24 hours following our meeting.

  • Profiles in 72h
  • We present targeted profiles within 72 hours in 95% of cases or within a mutually agreed time frame for applications requiring further research.

  • Digitized and fast process
  • Our digital recruiting process (selection-contract-billing) allows us to save precious days to provide you with an efficient and fast response!

Company Transformation

your organization needs to be adapted to a new environment without having the right resource to drive the change.

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Performance Improvement

Whether you search to boost your industrial, financial, purchase, logistic or sales performances, we have the right Interim manager to help you achieving the goal

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Restructuring and Turnaround

When difficulties arise it’s critical to get the opportunity to benefit from the experience of highly experimented executive people who have been through similar situations.

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We Help you face your challenges!

We Help you face your challenges!